About Trio Mio - English


– Award winning contemporary folk music from Scandinaivia.
One of the rising stars and most radiant lights in Scandinavian roots music today is Trio Mio; a band with its very own captivating style of energetic and elegant folk music.


At the heart of Trio Mio’s music lies a fervent wish to give the traditions of Danish and Swedish roots music new life. They wish to play music their own way, while maintaining a deep respect for the tradition from which their musical roots come.

The result is new, refreshing and entirely it’s own: You are never quite sure what will happen next, as sweet, quiet and airy tunes suddenly give way to fast, devilish and at times crazy improvisations. 

What you can be sure of is music delivered with an intensity, virtuosity and joy that will leave the listener breathless – and smiling.


Trio Mio consists of three highly talented musicians: Kristine Heebøll (violin), Peter Rosendal (piano, flugabone) and Jens Ulvsand (guitar, bouzouki). They come from uniquely different musical backgrounds, brought together by a sincere joy of playing together and a shared love of music. Together they share a wish to continue to develop themselves as musicians and to show the world that folk music is still vibrant - and very much alive.


Polyglot Pike ( 2018 ), awarded Danish Music Award - Folk/World (Heebøll : composer of the year)

Grevinden / Countess / Gräfin ( 2014 ) 

Love & Cigars ( 2011), nominated for 3 Danish Music Awards – Folk

Stories around a holy goat (2007) awarded 4 Danish Music Award – Folk

Pigeon Folk Pieces (2005), awarded 3 Danish Music Awards – Folk

Trio Mio (2004), nominated for 2 Danish Music Awards - Folk