Peter Rosendal, Kristine Heebøll, Jens Ulvsand

Award winning contemporary folk music from Scandinaivia. 

One of the rising stars and most radiant lights in Scandinavian roots music today is Trio Mio; a band with its very own captivating style of energetic and elegant folk music.

"A truly intoxicating folk-treat" (Die Glocke)

"Last but not least is the relaxed and creative handling of folk tradition that fascinates. The material by Trio Mio comes from an exuberant human imagination." (Neue Westfälische)

 "With a tenacious musical expressiveness confident the three excellent musicians to folk music still involves a life-affirming potential. A potential that is contagious - especially when folk music is being further developed with respect for tradition."(Westfalen Blatt Bielefeld)

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